The flagpole casing installed and concrete being poured. The hole was a "little" larger than plans called for, but it was filled with over 10 TONS of concrete. "It will take a volcanic eruption to move this flagpole!" Needs to cure a few weeks now, and then the flagpole can be installed.

"The curbing for the new driveway/parking lot is nearly completed, and final caliche beeing installed before paving begins."


"The main Walkway where the Memorial will have the pavers leading to the flagpole and wall of honor, is AT the new elevation (2 feet above the old ground level), compacted, and awaiting curbing to start installing the pavers."

"GREAT news!   The first shipment of engraved pavers are here, and are being sorted in preparation for the installation on the walk.   The walkway is now "at" elevation on the site, and concrete work (curbing) should begin soon.   Then caliche and 2" of sand, and then the pavers..

We are preparing the miniatures that folks have ordered to be distributed.    That will take place at Ol'D's Soda Shop in a week or so."

"Brent Hunter, who, along with wife Laura, donated the flagpole for the new Memorial, helped unload it Wednesday afternoon.  Unloaded and stored at the site, it will be removed from the shipping tube on Thursday, and moved to the rear of the construction site, awaiting installation in about three weeks."

As the backfilling and compacting of the Memorial walk continues, Gustavo Gonzalez prepares for the construction of the large boulders signifying the major conflicts of the last 110 years. Gustavo will have seven workmen on the site now, and anticipates (weather permitting) near completion by early July.

April 14th Status Report -----

(a)  Backfilling of the walkway and the new driveway/parking lot will continue during the coming week (16-20 April.)

(b)  The Flagpole (donated by Brent and Laura Hunter)  has been shipped, and will arrive early next week.

(c)  The first order of engraved pavers (375) will be shipped on 23 April.   A second order has been placed, and we should have a ship date for those soon.  We are continuing to take orders, and encourage everyone to get those mailed in, so we can include ALL at the dedication.

Still being discussed, but the latest planning is to have a formal "ribbon cutting" on Veterans' Day in November.

                            Contingent on weather ----

(d)  Pouring concrete of the curbing around the walkway, pads for the granite benches and water fountain and the installation of flagpole casing, should begin about April 19/20.   Tropical Patios will be doing all of the walkway work.

(e)  ALL of the blank pavers/patio blockfillers are here, and ready for the walkway.

(f)  Preparation of the new driveway and parking lot is on schedule, and those should be paved about the first week in May.

(g)  Fabrication of the faux rocks began a few days ago, and will continue thru July.     This work is begin done by Gustavo Gonzalez, who also has done the work on exibits at Gladys Porter Zoo and Bobz World in Los Fresnos.



Work has begun on the footing foundation fot the first large rock (WWII), in the southeast corner of the site.


The required foot of excavation on the walkway is completed, compacted, and awaiting testing so that backfilling  3 feet of new soil can begin.  (That testing was completed today and the backfilling begins on 16 April, weather permitting.)


REY GARZA, Veterans' Memorial site Superintendent for CubCo Construction, spent eleven years in the Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer with the 1st Marine Division, and then two years in Afganistan in the Army, before moving back to the Valley.


The first shipment of bricks (these are the blank ones to go around the base of the flagpole) arrived on April 2nd.


The new road from the back parking lot near the tennis courts, heading to the new parking lot alongside the Memorial, is well underway by the afternoon of April 2nd.   In the background, grading of the new Memorial walkway is also underway.


"Oscar Ovalle, City of HArlingen Project Supervisor, explains the beginning steps to Regina Shipp (VMPC Vice Chairman), Allen Essex (VMS), and Fred Rendon (VMPC Chairman)."


"The site at Pendleton Park was turned over the the Contractor, CubCo Construction, on March 23rd, 2012 - and by the following Tuesday the new Construction sign was added , and work begun."


Mr. Frank Espinoza (right), AEP Texas Manager of Community Affairs, presents a donation check for $5,000 to Harlingen District 1 Commissioner Danny Castillo, honorary member of the Veterans’ Memorial Project Committee.

"We are honored to support this noble and worthy project," said Espinoza. "The sacrifices by those who have served our country must be preserved for future generations."

Sealed construction bids for the new Veterans’ Memorial at Pendleton Park will be opened at Harlingen City Hall at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, March 6th.   Construction will begin soon thereafter.

The Veterans’ Memorial Committee, a private charity group, has committed to repaying 4B tax monies being advanced to build the Memorial, through the ongoing sales of engraved paver bricks and private donations.



Recently, the Harlingen Economic Development Board voted to advance the Veterans' Memorial Project the funds needed to build the Memorial.  

The budget ammendment to authorize that was voted on and passed unanimously on Dec. 7th by the City Commission, on a first reading.

The second reading, and hopefully final approval, for those funds will be on Dec. 27th, and liaison negotiations with the City point person should begin soon after that, to get construction started soon.

An announcement will be made soon after that, for the date when paver applications MUST be received, to guarantee the installation of those at the dedication.

Paver orders will continue to be accepted after that, but they might not be installed by the dedication.

It is the full intent of the Veterans' Memorial Committee, to repay ALL monies advanced by the city, and see this Memorial built entirely by the paver sales, and community support.

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